V-Belts, Timing Belts, & Sheaves

timing belts

Murdock has been providing v-belt drives (sheaves and v-belts) because the early 1920’s. Anything from fractional drives to giant horsepower drives. In small bored to sizes to qd, mst and taperlock types of hubs. We also carry a large collection of v-belts in our inventory to keep your gear operating. In case your utility includes a positive drive belt, Murdock is the place for you. From customary HTD Timing Belts — watch this video — merchandise to the newest in Helical offset tooth design, we are able to get a timing belt resolution for you.

Some belts will solely turn one camshaft, whereas others could turn as many as 4. The more camshafts the belt has to maneuver, the quicker it would wear out. The usual faculty of thought is to substitute the belt between 60,000 miles and 105,000 miles. Many people like to put this off past this time interval due to the expense concerned.

Most newer vehicles use the serpentine belt solely because it may possibly drive all of the equipment within the engine with just the one belt. However, this belt requires a tensioner that may require adjustment. A great indication that a serpentine belt needs changed are small cracks within the belt. Another belt that is discovered commonly in car engines is the V belt. It has been round for ages and until only in the near past was the primary belt utilized in automobiles.