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• MedWhat boasts its Chinese shareholders defrauded it of its IP by co-investment with Stanford in MedWhat’s strong levels of competition while not disclosing this, faltering in their fiduciary duty.

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• Startups states in the usa Chinese VCs defraud it with convertible take note assets to have accessibility to IP and recall remarks, all with know-how and robust guide by Stanford University

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• MedWhat says Stanford University and Susan Weinstein frivolously lied to judge in legal action about its two Series A brokers not existing, Massive Investment and Regent, putting together MedWhat below the bus and destroying company.

• Court data show taxes-exempt Stanford University staff attempt to involved in functioning the for-income enterprise budget company Stanford-StartX Fund LLC.

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• Contradictions of founder-warm and friendly impartial for-revenue venture fund and aggressive predatory behaviour by tax-exempt University staff definitely related to operating and dealing with fund during the back ground. Profit with taxation-exempt reputation.

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Inside an escalating recurring court action in the Supreme Court of California somewhere between Stanford University, instructive businessperson software StartX, and StartX-participant health care man-made intellect technology new venture MedWhat, (see in this article) new information has arrived out that requires the esteemed University in fraudulence and sheds gentle to the university’s somewhat shortage of good governance.

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Non-earnings Stanford University, through its for-earnings subsidiary Stanford-StartX Fund LLC, filed a suit in April 2018 towards StartX business MedWhat asking repayment from the investment opportunities within it, and also interest, it built available as convertible car personal debt. MedWhat submitted a counter go well with to protect against Stanford University for scam. Inside the legal action detection, MedWhat discovered added scam through income tax fraudulence committed by Stanford University and who truly went the fund.

Records present MedWhat’s CEO Arturo Devesa became a exploration scholar at Stanford University School of Medicine from 2016-2017 and member of StartX since 2013. Records also reveal Devesa does health-related ontology researching and requested NIH permits for the two MedWhat and Stanford University Medical School in 2012.

Recent court records demonstrate that Stanford University together with its endowment Stanford Management Company declare that Suzanne Fletcher is not the actual fund administrator and determination developer with the claimed independently manage for-profit endeavor investment capital Stanford-StartX Fund LLC. Stanford University legal representatives say Stanford and its endowment are. MedWhat states Stanford have personal-incriminated in taxation scams.

The for-income opportunity funds organization Stanford-StartX Fund LLC. was created being a joint collaboration by low-sales StartX, Stanford University, and Stanford Hospital & Clinics along with the public mission to assistance support the entrepreneurial endeavors of Stanford faculty, staff, alumni and university students. Making purchases in technologies.

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StartX and its founder Cameron Teitelman began the creation of the Stanford-StartX Fund LLC to purchase new member firms, which has a vision expressing «We’re confirmed, targeted and revolutionary, instructed by our guideline of placing founders 1st, and driven by our pursuit to advance the personal progression of founders». Startups were definitely informed the Stanford-StartX Fund LLC was work by Suzanne Fletcher since Stanford University became a low-earnings who couldn’t get involved in going for-profit exercises. Court files clearly show that was definitely not real life, with substantial illegal contribution in for-earnings business investment capital beyond Stanford property.

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Susan Weinstein, Assistant V . P . for Business Development at Stanford University, and Randy Livingston, VP Business Affairs, Chief Financial Officer of Stanford University, and Robert Wallace, CEO of endowment Stanford Management Company, via their lawyer symbolizing them on the situation mentioned, «Suzanne Fletcher was not the individual or organization that Devesa was required to search for authorization from Stanford Management Company was. Thus, Ms. Fletcher’s e mail cannot be regarded as «written consent» to amendment on the Notes.»

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MedWhat continues to state from the court action that not only was Ms. Fletcher always advertised at StartX and throughout the headlines and online world as such, she represented the account as administrator with a founder friendly intention initially, with apparent separation of forces in the University, in addition to a decision creator from the alone account made by StartX. Suit claims Sabrina Liang, Director of School and Department Funds, in the Stanford University endowment Stanford Management Company, within motion of Suzanne Fletcher, authorized MedWhat’s conversion of information into value conveys.

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Based upon phrases by Stanford’s law firms and courtroom papers supplied by MedWhat, it appears the University wasn’t conscious of the endowment’s signatures on the financial investment observe conversion it accused of about. If Stanford was frivolously resorting to lies in suit about not putting your signature on transformation so as to damages MedWhat or incompetent in registering a legal action about notes without the need of data of authorized conversion process.

Stanford University’s lawyer which represents with its instance, Alto Litigation, and it is legal representative Bahram Seyedin-Noor, have accidentally disclosed data which involves Stanford University in income tax deception. As an alternative by Stanford College and the endowment.

Troubling docs given by MedWhat demonstrate that all investment strategies and bank wire connections came not from an enterprise referred to as Stanford-StartX Fund LLC, but from established Stanford University taxes-exempt accounts beneath the recognized university label — The Board of Trustees of your Leland Stanford Junior University — with the address for the banking accounts originator as Stanford Management Company, 635 KnightWay and Stanford, CA 94305. Stanford University’s web site present 635 Knight Way being the tackle for Stanford Graduate School of economic in the campus property. MedWhat assertions Stanford University staff provided information to MedWhat at time of assets of by no means while using the university’s identify or business logo just as one individual.

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A write-up on Stanford University web-site suggests «Stanford carries on to enforce identity and logo use guidelines to safeguard the dependability from the university’s teaching and analysis mission, reported Lisa Lapin, v . p . for college or university communications.

Lapin noted how the guidelines have been kept up to date not too long ago to mirror increasing efforts to misuse Stanford’s name for business oriented applications. Stanford will not recommend, and cannot appear to recommend, business oriented organizations, she explained.»

Court records display e-mail correspondence amongst MedWhat and Stanford-StartX Fund LLC integrated Stanford University staff. If Stanford-StartX Fund LLC features its own staff members or locations.

One can find no files of Stanford-StartX Fund LLC obtaining hard wired money for every single some investment strategies in MedWhat or perhaps the Stanford-StartX Fund obtaining its banking accounts or their own individual directors. The one man or woman who internet general population information reveal is accountable for managing the fund and to become director is Stanford-StartX Fund LLC fund supervisor Suzanne Fletcher which is described via the Stanford endowment from the lawsuit as not the individual responsible to make fund judgements.

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Online information apparently suggest how the Stanford-StartX Fund LLC, a small Liability Corporation, is actually a casing organization money car licensed on the State Delaware Division of Corporations, with Stanford University General Counsel Debra Zumwalt at Stanford University, Bldg. 170, third Floor, Stanford, CA 94305 because the signed up Agent for Service of Process. You will discover no online files indicating the Stanford-StartX Fund LLC as experiencing independent places of work or personnel or company directors or emails rather only Stanford University office buildings, only Stanford University and endowment people simply @stanford.edu contact information can be found in all courtroom records.

In regards to tax bill-exempt non-revenue developing a for-gain subsidiary, less than IRS taxes legislation, business formalities have to be followed to defend the separation of the organizations. Otherwise the no-earnings can get rid of income tax-exempt rank. Each corporation essential a separate governing system and really should conduct separate committee and table get togethers, with individual minutes or so consumed. The entities also need to stay away from commingling assets through the use of different banking accounts and must maintain an arm’s measurements relationship. In the event the subsidiary and also the parent will write about any solutions like workplace or people, or if one enterprise will certainly provide services or goods to the other, or simply a license of the intellectual home, the entities really should get into a prepared resource-revealing, expert services, or VC firm malaysia accreditation layout. A charity should collect no less than fair market value for whatsoever it provides to your for-profit business.

All the more troubling is several assessments of Stanford University’s Form 990, Tax for no-profits, which suggests the University doesn’t have relationships, which contradicts with Stanford Univesrity’s control as well as its employee’s engagement with surgical procedures of the subsidiary to make money Stanford-StartX Fund LLC.

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Stanford University Form 990, on Page 6, series 16, requests «Did the corporation purchase, play a role assets to or get involved in a joint endeavor or maybe a equivalent set up that has a taxable organization? «

Stanford University reacted No.

MedWhat’s research in the courtroom and open public records generally seems to show Stanford lied towards the IRS within the Form 990.

Online data in Silicon Valley Business Journal magazine, Crunch directories, Ms. Fletcher’s LinkedIn report, and StartX commercials clearly show Ms. Fletcher because the effective fund administrator for a long time StartX illustrates Fletcher in the StartX corporation IPO debut on the NASDAQ in 2018 as a result director. Stanford College legal professionals happens record stating Fletcher has no guru in account issues, having said that. Court reports show that Stanford University together with its Stanford Management Company $27 billion dollars endowment are definitely the actual productive entities in control of project funds Stanford-StartX Fund LLC and who built judgements whether or not to transform MedWhat’s convertible promissory credit debt take note it had lent to MedWhat at 5% interest for near future carry home equity transformation.

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MedWhat statements everything is misrepresentation and scam by Fletcher, StartX, Stanford-StartX Fund LLC, and Stanford University. Devesa keeps going to talk about «I just have managed Suzanne Fletcher because the director of your Stanford-StartX Fund. Stanford University workers pictured themselves often individual of StartX as well as the Fund and simply associated with wires of capital and putting your signature on of documents on these investments in doing my for-earnings industrial organization. They usually shared with us Stanford doesn’t function the fund and do not ever work with the Stanford label or logo».

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CEO Devesa suggests that it’s now very clear to him how everything worked well. «Stanford-StartX Fund LLC is not really genuine but a shell provider, Suzanne Fletcher is not the account administrator, StartX businessman-hospitable vision will not be acknowledged by Stanford in reality, StartX accelerator or Cameron Teitelman have absolutely no electricity to jog the fund it’s all Stanford University and its particular endowment jogging the clearly show, with for-profit strategies with taxes evasion schemes with immediate directions to MedWhat to cover up Stanford’s participation and identity. Everyone misled MedWhat who was our authentic buyer and who obtained our backs. Definitely not StartX neither Fletcher»

Court files show Stanford-StartX Fund LLC fund manager Suzanne Fletcher getting depicted by distinct legal representatives compared to those representing Stanford-StartX Stanford and Fund University because the college is thinking about the clash useful in public courts.

Court records demonstrate that Stanford University saved an arm length yardage in public areas in StartX businesses it possessed invested from the Stanford-StartX Func LLC for tax bill uses linked to the University not capable to be associated right set for revenue opportunity investment capital. However, MedWhat boasts Stanford University and it is people ran the demonstrate.

Records show Stanford University and Stanford Management Company dispatched expense recommendations to everyone StartX creators with guidance regarding how to appropriately advertise the Stanford-StartX Fund LLC investment on their startups. Instructions incorporated

• in addition to Stanford University nor its endowment as purchasers in StartX providers but instead to always work with the standard identify Stanford-StartX Fund LLC,

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• in order to avoid while using name Stanford-StartX Fund LLC in pr releases without having referfing to most of purchasers in a purchase around to not allow the perception Stanford-StartX Fund LLC was obviously a steer entrepreneur

• never to use Stanford’s title or emblem, and voiding implying which the Stanford-StartX Fund LLC obtained created a verdict in regards to the company’s long term by its conclusion to shell out.

A Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) research during the Edgar database provides absolutely nothing outcomes for the Stanford-StartX Fund LLC without having any sec filings found. The majority of StartX devoted firms also never demonstrate an SEC registering.

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In utilizing a for-earnings subsidiary using a not for profit company, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) government taxes regulations condition organizations are unable to commingle belongings, are not able to use similar accounts and ought to preserve an arm’s span partnership.

Court records suggest Stnford-StartX Fund LLC and Stanford University are exactly the same organization. While the not-for-profit dad or mom is definitely the only (or perhaps the managing) fairness owner in the for-profit subsidiary and so will management the for-profit’s regulating physique, it appears Stanford did not stay away from accomplish overlap during the company directors and officials of these two organizations. Based on the IRS, having some different company directors and officers aids clarify when folks are operating with respect to the for-revenue subsidiary vs the charitable parent or guardian these outlines could possibly get fuzzy quicker when the directors and officials of they are both exactly the same. Additionally, for deals between two organizations, it could be desired, or perhaps necessary, for any nonprofit to possess some table members who will be not affiliated with the for-profit business to approve the transaction.

MedWhat claims unconscious incompetence and conscious incompetence by Stanford University along with its endowment in managing from the convertible notices and conflicts of passions with a few of MedWhat other shareholders. Stanford-StartX Fund and MedWhat buyer Magic Stone show on Crunchbase as purchasers in MedWhat immediate contender Sensely. MedWhat also states Stanford University frivolously sent in accommodate to protect against it while not confirming the important points of MedWhat’s information, Series A and its traders.


MedWhat also claims the structure of your Stanford-StartX Fund LLC developed by Susan Weinstein, Randy Livingston, Stanford president Marc Tessier-Lavigne and Robert Wallace, is fake and deceitful to marketers considering the fact that StartX came up with the Stanford-StartX Fund using a societal goal of encouraging business owners, work with enterprisers in hard events, and staying shareholders in startups in very good hope. MedWhat states that «the authentic framework of your Stanford-StartX Fund LLC in terms of Stanford University endowment using a objective of getting the most money by means of Stanford marketers is a thing that has been in no way portrayed individuals at StartX». CEO Arturo Devesa states that within the safety that «a University loaning cash to your new venture, having access to its technology, investing in MedWhat’s strong levels of competition without the need of disclosing it, inquiring lower back an investment additionally interest, and revealing its investment decision not to point out and cover up in which the money actually stems from, that is certainly not a part of Stanford University’s taxes-exempt task of aiding entrepreneurship and education. That’s far more fitted from the activities of a ruthless for-profit monetary business. The Stanford-StartX Fund is simply not what was offered and depicted to StartX firms and MedWhat well before committing to us.»

MedWhat also goes on to talk about «Legally Stanford-StartX Fund LLC is just not Stanford University, is in another place. Stanford-StartX Fund LLC is in a unique legitimate area through which Stanford University pretends pursuits are taking position. Stanford University pretends these investment opportunities are usually not going on inside the economic climate and put where by they are seriously taking place. Stanford University is to take pastime through the place is being taxed and governed, for-income non-public home equity endeavor money by academic taxation-exempt no-profit Stanford University as well as its endowment, and pretends is happening some place else, a venture budget shell corporation identified as Stanford-StartX Fund LLC. Where, it doesn’t issue, it’s somewhere else. They then transfer the many treatments and coping with of the separate LLC enterprise to Stanford University grounds, despite the fact that officially is simply not Stanford University and Stanford University claims formally Stanford-StartX Fund LLC it is not necessarily Stanford University. Total deception.»


Stanford Daily News reporter Sean Chen talks about on March 9th 2018 challenges in connection with Stanford University along with its endowment.

In its previous reaching of the winter season quarter, the Faculty Senate regarded as the Stanford Management Company’s (SMC) purchase routines and consumption of the Stanford logo and brand.

SMC Chief Executive Officer Robert Wallace arrived at the Faculty Senate on Thursday to review in the functions in the SMC and make clear the SMC’s position on troubles such as divestment.

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Stanford University’s endowment and the way it within the situation of existing entails divestment from student groupings, Wallace said that the SMC’s divestment insurance policy happens to be beneath critique by Stanford’s Board of Trustees.

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«The endowment is not really something for community activism,» Wallace mentioned in reaction to some dilemma from biology professor Susan McConnell about how precisely the SMC decides honest investment. «We for the Stanford Management Company tend not to think it is our job to attempt to accomplish unique interpersonal outcomes except in cases where they are really steady with these steer divestment insurance policy or our long-term financial aims.»

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Civil and enviromentally friendly manufacturing professor Jeffrey Koseff also posed a matter about whether or not the SMC ought to take advantage of Stanford’s monetary assets to become favorable representative for public adjust.

» Wallace responded,

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«I assume the funds we deploy across the world does really good points across the world … because we have been so focused entirely on long term outcomes and also since we are so cautious about who we work together with and [companies we use are] so cautious relating to the businesses that they purchase. «When there’s a challenge, we remedy it.»

Regarding financial investment transparency, Wallace mentioned which the SMC sustains full openness having its Board of Directors. The SMC’s Board of Directors relies on the Board of Trustees and incorporates President Marc Tessier-Lavigne.

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ASSU Senator Aamnah Khalid ’20 implemented with something about why the SMC will not make its business transparent to the community.

«When [the SMC] sees business opportunities … they are generally very capacity-constrained and incredibly cut-throat,» Wallace claimed. «If we just notify most people worldwide what we are engaging in, then our competitive edge will erode.»

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Wallace also clarified the legality of SMC’s overseas expense procedures, emphasizing that Stanford has «a fiduciary responsibility throughout the regulation to minimize income tax, not evade income taxes.»

«[The SMC does] not use offshore vehicles such as offender society employs them,» he stated. «When we use offshore vehicles, these are absolutely noted into the Internal Revenue Service … we’re not functioning within an intense spot during the taxation code — it is not really a grey area.»

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The Faculty Senate also saw a business presentation on protecting the dependability of the use of Stanford’s identity and VC Firm malaysia logo. Vice President for University Communication Lisa Lapin, Senior Director of University Brand Management Nicole Scandlyn and Assistant V . P . for Business Development Susan Weinstein, outlined the laws in position concerning Stanford’s product in combination with cases of its misuse.

The presenters pointed out many certain scenarios exactly where individual entities employed Stanford’s model with no pursuing proper treatment or benefiting from permission.

«When you see video teams on university that appear distrustful, it is great to call up [the workplace of University Communications],» Lapin stated in resource to the recently available case associated with a video staff operating without the proper approval within the McMurtry Building.

The presenters also stressed Stanford’s standard aversion to associating its model with commercially produced and corporate and business materials.

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Venture capital is a form of financing that provides funds to early stage, emerging companies with high growth potential, in exchange for equity Stockholders …

«The University brand name and identity are allowed to be utilized by any enterprise that’s officially sanctioned by Stanford,» Weinstein mentioned.

Based on a headlines launch from Stanford Institution.</p,

Stanford Supervision Co. noted a net 13.1% go back for the calendar year finished June 30, 2017>

Other than MedWhat-Stanford litigation, the topic of new venture project money in non-make money Universities and how to cope with issues is explained within the Xconomy job interview by Jeff Engel from to MIT’s Lita Nelsen who analyzes MIT Tech Transfer, Startups & Culture. Nelsen proceeds to express:

«this [MIT] workplace has long been made available investment decision funds consistently, maybe the moment every couple of several years. We keep indicating, «No, we don’t require it, therefore we do not need to get in the conflicts [interesting].» Nelsen also happens to discuss each distinct missions of these kinds of finances and also their clash missions, «one matter any organization carrying out it needs to determine is, are we generally inside it for return? Or are we largely on it so you can get businesses started out that would not in any other case begin? In case you inquire folks which it truly is, you typically acquire a varying meaning. So when most people is aware, when investing in varying quests, items get very hard to handle.»

«Certainly 1 factor earlier coming from the «well, we might earn money, why not placed an item of the endowment into a business account? «—because the amount of money must originate from someplace. If it was only relating to the funds.