Why It Is Good To Marry In a Community Other Than Your Own

It is really subjective that some people think that one should marry within community or one should marry outside the community. In today’s world you will see that people opt for Community Matrimony as well as the inert caste weddings. There are pros and cons of both. But as we have been talking here about the benefits of inter caste wedding here’s all you should know.

Why you should marry in a community other than yours

If you want to be a bit rebel and want to not abide by the rules that your parents might have set then you should opt for wedding outside your community. Well, it would be great if your parents also support you in this decision. In the times when both men and women have become quite open minded you will see that inter community weddings do happen and they also are successful.

When two communities involve in a wedding, ดูผลบอล the wedding would have many events and there would be lots of cultural relevance.

When two different castes or communities decide to unite via wedding, there might be two types of celebrations. For example, if a south Indian bride is marrying a Punjabi groom then you will see a combination of North South in the wedding and this would be fun for both the parties and also the guests who come to attend the wedding.

People have become open minded and thus what they do is, they take positive aspects, rituals and innovations from both the communities and mingle them in one.

When your children grow up, they get exposure to both the cultures and communities. Thus, they would be more social than a normal person.
Looking into the above benefits, you should opt for an inter caste wedding than Community Matrimony. Also, if you are open to the different castes then you will get better choice. Just think, you would get a very less choice in arranged marriage if you choose only to look out for the spouses within your community. But if you stay open then you will get a very good choice. Finally, it is about the boy or the girl you like. If the person you choose has a good nature and is as per your expectations then you will never ever face any issue in life.

Parents should change with time

The only thing among Indian parents is that they like to stick to the roots. Some of them have changed. But some still do not budge for inter community weddings. It’s high time that the parents do change now and become open to new situations and expectations. Weddings are made in heaven and then the two people have to create bliss out of that. It really does not matter what community the other person belongs to. Till there is good understanding, love and trust among two beings, nothing can go wrong. So, stay open and believe in what your heart says.

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